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Claude Jollet, VE2DPE, inviting you to sign up for our newsletter titled: VE2DPE Eclectic News.VE2DPE

Indeed, with my newsletter - VE2DPE Eclectic News - I will take you backstage, in my study, where I have ideas brewing all the time. It's where:

  • articles come to life, out of a vibrant desire to help others understand,
  • or die, before publication, from readers' lack of interest... or mine.

The newsletter topics I choose to write about will show you where my ideas come from.

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A Writer At Your Service

I was always a writer of nonfiction, both in college and during all my professional life. I also love researching the ins and outs of ideas that, more often than not, hit my brain when 'things go bump in the night'.

Therefore, on top of what's happening, or about to happen, on HamRadioSecrets.com - I will, at times, share with you, if you sign up for our newsletter:

  • embryos of ideas, related tightly or loosely to ham radio, when they show promise
  • topics in the realm of applied science that I believe should interest you... at least a little.

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My Professional Background

Claude Jollet, VE2DPE, inviting you to sign up for our newsletter titled: VE2DPE Eclectic News.Claude Jollet VE2DPE

You should also sign up for our newsletter because I will share the fruits of my professional background experience in applied science:

  1. Seventeen years in operational meteorology with Environment Canada Atmospheric Service (ECAS) - which leads me to be fascinated by things like tropospheric propagation of VHF radio waves, for example.

  2. Nine years in telecommunications as manager of ECAS's private networks in Québec and Eastern Arctic - which was a byproduct of my having been a ham radio operator since 1973.

    Seriously. I got the promotion because the DG had heard that I was a ham and they needed someone that could hit the ground racing in a brand-new and promising management position. My mission was to help our organization make the transition from 300 baud communications by teletype (!) to packet-based protocols and satellite links - and that was before the Internet went democratic with the advent of the 'Mosaic' Web browser, with its graphic user interface (GUI)!

    Proof that you never know where ham radio will take you... if you let people know about "The King of Hobbies"!

  3. Five years as a senior analyst in ECAS's computerized meteorological information delivery and exchange systems.

  4. 1997: That's when I retired at 52 to fulfill my dreams: teaching and writing nonfiction.

  5. Two years teaching Computerized Management Information Systems to college students in their final year.

  6. Two years as a consultant in Computerized Management Information Systems helping small local businesses solve their productivity problems. That's when I stopped working for others.

I still dip into computer programming (HTML, Perl, Python), now and then, when I need something special like producing and updating an HTML page that I upload automatically, every 15 minutes, on the server hosting my weather website 'Meteo-NDP.info' (in French). I might tell you about that - and my automatic weather station - in my newsletter.

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Unbridled Thinking

Claude Jollet, VE2DPE, inviting you to sign up for our newsletter titled: VE2DPE Eclectic News.Claude Jollet Author

Therefore, with that kind of background, you might have guessed, by now, that I like science, in its many forms. I also like to keep an 'open mind'. So, sign up for our newsletter and I will entertain you with my open-minded perception of:

  • Things that have to do with the earth's atmosphere (of course).

  • The sun's role in producing HF propagation conditions for us by being responsible for the ionosphere we depend on... and long for, as solar sunspot cycle 25 is into its first timid stirrings.

  • The sun's influence on the climate on earth. (Why not? Without it, we would all be in the dead of winter, year round! It's our ONLY source of energy... and it has a temper! When the sun coughs, the earth is right in the line of fire. Our mother earth can't help but be, at least, 'perturbed', if not outright 'hot and bothered' at times! I know, I know. I might get slightly controversial, now and then. I promise to thread softly.

  • Scientific research where it is braking ground in areas that might be of interest to amateur radio operators. I will do so in laymen's terms, of course, because I want to share an interest and I am responsible for ensuring that the information is accessible to most of you.

    For example the earth's magnetic north pole is accelerating its drift toward Siberia. Why? What are the possible consequences? Things like that.

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Reading & Writing

In summary. I do a lot of reading in a month. It's mostly to feed my brain - that insatiable wild thing trapped inside my skull.

I also do a lot of writing because I love to share what fascinates me:

  • in the form of articles that I publish on HamRadiosecrets.com or LeRadioamateur.com (in French);

  • in the form of eBooks on 'Amateur Radio HF Antennas' that I self-publish on Amazon Kindle Direct (KDP);

  • in emails with my like-minded (and not so like-minded) friends;

  • on a writing pad, on my bedside table, when I wake up with an idea that, I know, I will not remember after I get up in the morning.

... and, finally, I love to share what fascinates me, with those of you who bravely chose to sign up for our newsletter 'VE2DPE Eclectic NEWS'.

Final Words

That, in a nutshell, is what you should expect from my monthly newsletter, which I intend to publish on the 15th of each month.

You should also expect... the unexpected, to help keep your neurons firing on all cylinders on high-octane stuff.

Go ahead. Sign up for our newsletter now. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have while I research and write it for you.

73 de VE2DPE
Claude Jollet
Self-published Author and "Infopreneur"

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73 de VE2DPE
Claude Jollet
7, Rue de la Rive, Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Québec, Canada J6E 1M9

QTH Locator: FN36gb

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