Elecraft K2/100 SSB

by James VK2TIM
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

I have built the Elecraft K2/100 kit with SSB option, and I love it. I have worked countries all around the world with it, and can highly recommend it, provided that you have good soldering skills and the ability to identify components.

This kit is a large undertaking, so it will take some time to build, but is well worth it, as I built mine in 2005, and still use it 10 years later. It has never needed repair.

It has a built in keyer and multiple width filters for the CW enthusiast, while SSB obviously uses a fixed filter arrangement.

The 100W PA (KPA100) option fits into the radio nicely and integrates seamlessly. I have left the 100W PA in my radio, as it can be bypassed from the front panel at any time.

The receiver is VERY quiet - unplugging the antenna reveals a very low noise floor, however, the sensitivity compares more than favourably to the commercially made rigs.

If you like building kits at the component level, and do not mind winding coils, then this is the kit for you.

73 from James, VK2TIM

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Nov 05, 2015
by: Claude

The KDSP2 Advanced DSP Filter for the K2 option has recently been added to the many options available for the K2. It brings modern digital signal processing (DSP) to this fine kit. The DSP source code is "open source". Therefore, one can modify it at will to better suit personal preferences.

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