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This ham radio blog is not a "traditional" blog. What gets posted here is permanent in nature, rarely "time sensitive".

You will find here, in addition to amateur-radio-related news and events, posts about ham radio equipment such as: transceivers, receivers, antennas, software and more.

In other words, anything I find worthy of note about amateur radio.

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Now Also On Google Books

As requested by some, Amateur Radio HF Antennas series of (ePUB) eBooks is now also available on Google Books.

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Antenna Basics (HF)

HF Antenna basics are not hard to grasp when explained in simple terms as they are in these e-books.

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VE2DPE Waxing Poetic!

Owner of and author of eBooks on Amateur Radio HF Antennas, he is an avowed eclectic. Here is proof.

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Ham Radio - Amateur Radio Fascinating Secrets

Ham radio or amateur radio has fascinated generations. This Web site reveals the secrets behind its enduring popularity and usefulness.

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These tiny spacecrafts revolutionized the Space Age. Their 15 years in space are being celebrated. Cubesat XI-IV (Oscar 57) is still operational! Simply amazing!

Is The Ten Meter Band Still Open?

A newly licensed technician ham radio operator in the US emailed us recently to ask if it was worthwhile buying a ten meter transceiver.

We answered: not much. Here is why.

Solar cycle #24 is ending.

Therefore, propagation conditions via the ionosphere are at their lowest - and long distance communication openings on the 10 meter band are scarce.

That leaves "local" - short distances, a bit beyond line-of-sight - communications (SSB and data) mostly.

There is still some long-distance activity, especially in the data mode. Some data modes are especially designed to enable low-power/weak-signal communications. CW used to be the only mode still useful when conditions were poor.

Now we have much better data modes to work with: the WSJT-X.

Listen for ten meter beacons for a few weeks, before deciding if there is enough long distance propagation available to make it worthwhile buying a ten meter transceiver.

However - The problem with the ten meter beacons is that they are mostly using vertical antennas. If you have a horizontally polarized antenna - such as a dipole or or even a beam - then the beacon signals will be considerably weakened by the cross-polarization of emitting vs receiving antennas.

In other words, if you are using a horizontally polarized ten meter antenna, you may seldom hear the ten meter beacons!

In any event, you need a good antenna. Preferably horizontally polarized (dipole or beam). But, if you choose to do mostly local comms in SSB, then a quarter wave vertical antenna could serve you well, while we are waiting for sunspot cycle 25 to begin slowly improving long-distance propagation in in a couple of years.

Hope that helps,

73 de Claude VE2DPE

eBook Price Cut

Amateur Radio HF Antennas - eBook One of four-book series: price cut from $2.99 to $0.99 for a limited time only!

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Z6 Prefix Declared Illegal

The utilization of call signs series Z6 by any entity without a formal allocation and consent of the ITU represents an unauthorized and illegal usage of this international numbering resource. Source:

Iron powder toroids supplier

Received my order of iron powder toroids from today. Very impressed with his postal-system-proof packaging! :D Also have to mention his competitive prices. Good job, Earl. Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

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