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This ham radio blog is not a "traditional" blog. What gets posted here is permanent in nature, rarely "time sensitive".

You will find here, in addition to amateur-radio-related news and events, posts about ham radio equipment such as: transceivers, receivers, antennas, software and more.

In other words, anything I find worthy of note about amateur radio.

Puerto Rico Hams

Puerto Rico's mag 6.4 earthquake of Jan 7 2020 followed the Jan 6th 5.8 one. ARES Hams (KP prefix) stand on high alert.

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Solar Cycle 25

NOAA/NASA experts say solar cycle 25 will begin in April 2020 (+/- 6 months!). At last, things are about to get interesting!

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Region 3 on EMCOMM Alert

Hams are asked to monitor emergency HF frequencies due to telecommunications disruptions occurring in Australia.

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The QRP Labs long awaited QSX XCVR, covering all HF bands and modes, first scheduled for Nov 2018... is still in the works. I strongly feel it's going to be worth our patience.

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Listen To Ham Radio Online Live

Want to listen to ham radio online? Frustrated by dead links? You will only find live links here!

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Ham Radio Equipment Basics

Ham radio equipment can be new, used or in kit form. It can be yours or on loan. There is more than one way to get on the air!

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The Off-Center-Fed Dipole (OCFD)

The off-center-fed dipole is a versatile multiband HF antenna when properly fed. Understanding how it works can pay dividends. Here is what you need to know.

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Ham Radio Elmer

Fridays 13h30 to 17h00 ERN on 7188 KHz KC9VKV offers advice on how to adjust XMT audio then posts session on his Youtube VLOG as My Group Aircheck QSO MM/DD/YY. Neat!

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Morse Key

My latest CW challenge: get to 25-30 WPM with the help of the beautiful Begali Simplex Mono key.

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Brushing Up on CW

I found the SKCC and NAQCC to be of great help. Look for their respective logos on Do pay them a visit.

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