Ham Radio Sites
Built For "Internet DX"!

I have seen many ham radio sites that are built like "dummy load antennas" with very little "stray RF" detectable!

In other words, many amateur radio Web sites don't get the traffic and recognition that their subject matter deserves.

I'm sure you've noticed that my site is different! ;-)

Some of the differences on my site are obvious...

  • The "Look & Feel"
  • The focus on the aspiring ham and the beginner.
  • The ease of navigation.
  • The quality and usefulness of the content (of which I am particularly proud!).

All the above characteristics are ... intentional. What follows also! :-)

My Site's Purpose

I had two objectives in mind when I started work on this project in December 2008.

  1. Create a Web site to share my experience of ham radio, acquired as VE2DPE since 1974.

  2. Illustrate that it is quite feasible, for any amateur radio operator, to build ham radio sites that get traffic ... lots of it!

Like any other ham creating a Web site
I want to reach as many of my intended audience as I can!

My goal is to help those seeking basic information about ham radio in their preparation for the exam and their first steps into this great hobby.

And it's working!

Traffic to my site is increasing steadily (as expected, but more on this in a moment). Each page is rising in search engines rankings.

In essence, my site is getting found by more and more people every month.

Consequently, my Web site is providing the help I intended it to provide.

Under The Hood

Google, in its "Steps to a Google-friendly site" and "Webmaster Guidelines", only tells you what you should do but does not tell you how to do all that it expects!

Only SBI does.

There is a very good reason behind my site's increasingly noticeable "presence" among other ham radio sites.

Unlike the visible characteristics listed above, many essential characteristics of my Web site escape the eye! You need specialized tools to detect and measure them ... such as Google search and Alexa.com, to name two.

I am what is called an "infopreneur". An entrepreneur who uses the Web to offer the information a chosen target group is looking for.

My target group, as already stated above, is the aspiring or beginning amateur radio operator.

When I started out, I knew nothing about how to "market" my ham radio knowledge and know-how on the Web ... or anywhere else, for that matter!

I know a fair bit about many aspects of ham radio.

But I did not know how to reach my intended audience ...

until I discovered the proven
business marketing process for the Web
SBI! ...

that I simply adapted to serve my own purpose here
which is infopublishing ham radio info.

The SBI! ten step process is primarily designed to safely guide aspiring business people...

  • in building a small business on the Web, from the ground up,
  • on a micro budget,
  • using a proven set of "best of breed" marketing and business practices,
  • ... without any special knowledge of Web technology!

Ham Radio Sites
That Work!

Here is proof that SBI! enables hams to build a ham radio sites that actually give the intended results: traffic!

Below is a graph of HamRadioSecrets.com traffic stats.

I began to publish ("infopublish") amateur radio related content on HamRadioSecrets.com in December 2008.

Traffic to my website has been growing ever since. :)

The graph shows my site's traffic history over the past twelve months.

More specifically, 77,732 unique visitors paid 141,442 visits to HamRadioSecrets.com, thus generating 264,694 page views (page impressions).

That's over one quarter million page views (page impressions) per year!

With this level of traffic, one can say that my website has a "noticeable" presence among all other amateur radio related sites on the Web.

All ham radio sites should and could
have the same level of traffic, by the end of their first year online.
I found out how to do it!

Furthermore, above and beyond the welcome traffic, my ham radio web site is earning me the praise of fellow hams. That, to me, is further proof that I'm doing something right! Right?

My Recommendation

Solo Build It!

Let the SBI! "infopublishing" process show you what it can do for you, for the benefit of your intended audience.

If, for whatever reason, you need to reach thousands of targeted individuals monthly, and eventually on a daily basis, then I strongly recommend Solo Build It! (SBI!).

  • Give SBI! and its "Action Guide" serious consideration.
  • Look at SBI!'s exceptional and proven track record.

I guarantee SBI! will be, for you, as rewarding an experience as it has been for me ... and tens of thousands of others around the world!

Ham radio sites would gain a lot of much needed visibility simply by applying the proven Web publishing process of SBI!

SBI! will be like giving your ham radio site a virtual phased array of multi-element directional single-band antennas aimed at the Web.

You won't be able to log the "contacts" fast enough.

Fortunately, SBI! will take care of logging the stats - and much more - for you! :-)

73 de VE2DPE

P.S. Solo Build It! is actually a self study course in applied marketing for the Web! Creating a Web site is only one of a ten-step process. A Web site created without the other nine steps has virtually no chance of success.

See my review of SBI! for more information.

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