Amateur Radio Kits

This list of manufacturers and suppliers of amateur radio kits does not pretend to "ever" be complete!

I consider the following as worthy of mention, and worthy of the time you will devote to building them.

High-End Kits

Please note that I do not receive any money, advantages or compensation of any kind from the sources listed hereafter.

I make no claim as to the quality and usability of the products mentioned here. However, these manufacturers are well regarded by the amateur radio QRP community. As always, exercise due diligence before buying


1185 Dolly Parton Pkwy, Sevierville, TN 37862 USA

TEN-TEC offers a series of receiver, QRP transceiver, and accessory kits that are built just like we did them in the "good old days" ... except with modern components.


  • The 1300 Series QRP Transceiver Kits
  • Model 1254 Superhet Receiver Kit among other kits.
  • Ham Radio accessories & other "Fun Kits"


P.O. Box 69, Aptos, CA 95001-0069 USA

Main Products:

  • Elecraft K3 HF/6m, 100W All-Mode Transceiver. Factory Assembled or Modular, No-Soldering Kit
  • K2 and K2/100 - Classic All HF Band CW/SSB Transceiver Kits
  • They also have other kits to offer.

The DZ Company, LLC

710 Grove Ct., Loveland, CO 80537 USA Phone: 1-877-HAM-SHACK (1-877-426-7422) or 970-667-2254 (local for northern Colorado)

The "Sienna" HF Receiver/Transceiver Kit is modular. This XCVR kit offers features not found on any other XCVR kit or even commercially built units. IMHO, definitely worth looking into. They also offer the "Sedona" Station Accessory/SDR Kit.

Genesis Radio

PO BOX 900 Spit Junction NSW 2088 AUSTRALIA

Home of professionally designed QRP SDR transceivers.

  • GENESIS G40: 40m All-mode 5W SDR Radio Transceiver KIT
  • GENESIS G3020: 30m+20m dual band all-mode 5W SDR XCVR KIT

The video demos by young Josh, VK2FJDX, are a pure delight! (The video dates back to October 2009. Josh is older now! ;)


More Noteworthy
Amateur Radio Kits

Below is a list of manufacturers and suppliers of QRP radio kits that I find to be worthy of note. Even if some are somewhat sophisticated projects, most are small, easy to assemble QRP (low power transmitter output) kits.

The following resources are presented in no particular order, although the more "complex" ones (IMHO) tend to "percolate" to the top.

TAPR Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corp

PO BOX 852754, Richardson, TX 75085-2754 USA Phone: 972-671-TAPR (8277)

Amateur radio kits for the more technically inclined among us. Quoting from their Web site "TAPR and the HPSDR group are working together to bring an open SDR platform to Amateur Radio".


Huntington Postal Outlet. P.O.BOX 30028, 2355 Warden Avenue, Scarborough, ONTARIO M1T 0A1 CANADA

Makers of the HB-1B MK2 4 band QRP CW transceiver and other QRP radio kits and accessories.

The Four State QRP Group

This group of "relaxed" QRP enthusiasts offers a selection of "must have" QRP kits. They are very well engineered and designed. Most of all, they are easy to assemble, even for newbies! I find their love for QRP contagious:;-)

Hendricks QRP Kits

Hendricks QRP Kits - 862 Frank Ave. Dos Palos, CA 93620 USA Phone: 209-704-3522

Kits for the QRP enthusiast.

Fox Delta

Dinesh Gajjar, C/ F. DZIURDA, K7SFN, 225 W COYOTE DR, CARSON CITY, NV 89704 U.S.A. Phone: 775-996-0575

A unique source of amateur radio projects and kits. How unique? All project designs and info. are free of any copyright for amateur/ham radio!

JUMA Amateur Radio Kits

Kaupinmaenpolku 9, 00440 Helsinki Finland

  • JUMA RX1 HF receiver kit
  • JUMA TX1 CW transmitter kit
  • JUMA TRX1 HF transceiver kit
  • JUMA TRX2 HF transceiver Two Band kit
  • JUMA TRX2-AU All Band upgrade kit
  • JUMA TRX2A HF transceiver All Band kit
  • JUMA PA100 100 W Linear Amplifier kit
  • and more...

For still more QRP radio kits, click here.

If you do not feel you have the required skills to solder electronic parts (when required) here is a very good and abundantly illustrated soldering tutorial.


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