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Countless amateur radio websites offer information and/or try to sell you something on the Web.

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If you own, or would like to own, a Web site that will actually reach a fair portion of your target audience, then this page is for you.

It's like a "big DX contest" out there on the Net. Many ham radio Web sites are trying to "log" the same DX target audience.

Your site has to stand out in search results when hams are looking for info on Google, Bing or Yahoo!

If you are not a big amateur radio organization, a popular ham radio manufacturer or a large retailer ... your chances of getting the attention you deserve among other amateur radio websites are pretty slim, unless . . . (read on ;)

A Web Site
For Your "Niche"

Do you have something special to offer amateur radio enthusiasts that amateur radio websites don't? Or some special information to share with some other specific target audience on the Net?

Many of us "hams" specialize in a given area of the amateur radio hobby, a hobby within a hobby. It could be...

  • circuit design,
  • antenna design,
  • programming amateur radio software,
  • serving as an Elmer,
  • amateur radio course instructor,
  • emergency communications operator, etc...

But, for some of us, the other hobby may have nothing to do with ham radio:

  • radio-astronomy,
  • remote-control airplanes, boats, cars,
  • photography,
  • gardening,
  • sailing,
  • flying gliders or single-engine aircrafts,
  • collecting coins, stamps, etc...

The list of hobbies that we amateur radio operators spend time on is endless.

Building a Web site specifically designed to target your chosen "niche" is easy ... if you build it under SBI!'s expert guidance, like I did. (More below).

My "Other"
Rewarding Hobby

My "other hobby" is helping people learn how to build "powerful virtual transceivers on the Internet"!

Now what in the world is that?

I call "powerful virtual transceiver on the Internet" a Web site specifically engineered to get an ever increasing number of interested visitors, already focused on what your site has to offer.

All you need to do is build your Web site using the same techniques and principles that I do ... and your site will get all the attention its uniquely useful content deserves!

There are more than 100 million active Web sites on the Internet. ranks my amateur radio Web site in the top 3% on the Web (within the top 3,000,000 positions). is right up there with "big name" amateur radio websites ... which have been vying for a favorable position on the Web for many more years than my site!

Amateur Radio

Below are examples of some "big names" vying for position within the top three million Web sites on the Web, in no particular order of rank.

You will notice that some of the "big names" (below) rank further down from the top position on the Net than my Web site!

This is verifiable proof that if you build your Web site using the same step-by-step info-publishing process that I implemented ... you will do better than many competing amateur radio websites too!

In the list below, the smaller the rank (number) the higher the rank on top of all other sites on the Web.

Site Name



The International
Amateur Radio

We Do That Radio

Hello Radio

Amateur Radio
Emergency Services

Radio Amateurs
Of Canada

Radio Society of
Great Britain

The International
QRP Club

Automatic Packet
Reporting System

Secret Behind
My High Ranking

The secret behind my Web site's high ranking on the Web can be summed up in three letters: SBI!

Position of Web sites on the Net built with SBI!

I built my Web site with SBI! Its simple step-by-step site building process has enabled me to get the attention my Web site deserves ;-)

SBI!-built Web sites - including amateur radio websites - rise to top positions on the Web because they are specifically engineered to get there and stay up there, often well above the competition.

The best part is that you do not have to be a Web engineer!

The entire process has been broken down into ten perfectly feasible steps. Here are some of them.

  • How to identify your target audience (i.e. QRP enthusiasts) and what it is looking for on the Web ... because you cannot aim at a target you cannot see!
  • How to structure a Web site such that it will sit squarely in the path of your specific target audience.
  • How to build an enviable reputation for yourself and your Web site.
  • How to create content that will, not only meet, but exceed expectations.
  • How to monetize to more than pay for the overhead associated with the Web site ... even turn a profit!


My website enjoys a most rewarding position on the Web.

Adsense, and SBI!

The income from Google Adsense® alone easily exceeds the $299 USD that a yearly subscription for SBI! costs.

Look around. You will not find another service like SBI! capable of giving your Web site the position and recognition it deserves.

One thing is certain. No Web hosting service will ever teach you how to monetize the traffic your Web site gets. It's no wonder they don't! They can't even teach you how to build amateur radio websites that will get visitor traffic, let alone a high volume of it!

I took the SBI! Self-Study Course to build this Web site. I just brought my knowledge of ham radio to "class" ... in the comfort of my home. The SBI! Self-Study Course ...

  • taught me everything I needed to know about Web site building
  • about how to structure information to meet the expectations of my intended audience
  • about how to structure my Web site to please the search engines
  • above all, how to market my knowledge for profit!

Within weeks after its creation, began to generate some extra income for me. It has since become a small growing business!

Start Building Your "Niche" Web Site Now With SBI!
Then Watch It . . .
Rise To An Enviable And Rewarding Position
Among Competing Amateur Radio Websites

If you have questions about SBI!, you only stand to gain by asking here.

See this page for more on how to build Amateur Radio Websites that produce the results you are looking for.

73 de VE2DPE
Claude Jollet
7, Rue de la Rive, Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Québec, Canada J6E 1M9

QTH Locator: FN36gb

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