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What kind of ham radio information can you expect to get on this Web site?

The navigation bar in the left-hand column will give you a good idea of the major topics that are covered. They are yours to explore.

If you are shopping for ham radio equipment, then here is information I believe you will be interested in.

In any case, in spite of the fact that you can find information on the topics - also listed and briefly described below - there will be times when you will want additional info on a given aspect of amateur radio.

My Web site cannot possibly hold all the answers to the entire spectrum of possible questions on amateur radio! That would take dozens of very thick books ... or a number of large Web sites! ;-)

Therefore, you are bound to have unanswered questions. Perhaps even a special request for information that you would like me to publish here.

Please do not hesitate to ask! Use the form below. I will be happy to answer your queries and even oblige with additional information on this site, where possible.

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The Ham Radio Information
One Can Already Find On This Site

This Web site contains info about most amateur radio aspects, such as . . .

  • antennas - how they work and how to build some of them.
  • equipment, such as transceivers, software defined radio (SDR) receivers, antenna tuners and other accessories.
  • software, such as for antenna design, XCVR control, digital modes (PSK-31, etc.) or ham radio calculations of all kinds.
  • regulations, license info, frequency bands and permitted modes of communication via radio.
  • wave propagation and the current sun spot cycle.
  • news of amateur radio activities.
  • and ... information on how to build your own ham radio Web site, one that will be rewarding, in more ways than one, including paying for your hobby and then some!
You might even want to know more about how this site was built, and what made it rise to its present enviable and rewarding position on the Web!

Ham Radio Information
Contributed By The Ham Radio Community

Part of this site's content has been written in response to requests by other visitors, like you.

Some of you have even contributed articles of their own on a given aspect of amateur radio, such as

  • a report on an antenna project that they have successfully completed,
  • a homemade accessory that they have built,
  • or a radio kit that they have completed and tried out on the air.

Visitor contributed articles get posted on their own dedicated page here. Not only do their authors get full credit, but their articles are exposed to more than a quarter of a million visitors each year!

High visibility and and well earned recognition. Those are the immediate rewards one gets for sharing an article - full of useful ham radio information - with the amateur radio community on HamRadioSecrets.com.

There are input forms scattered here and there throughout this site for that purpose. Each form is linked to a category of information. Look for them. Submit an article. Get noticed. It's rewarding in more ways than you can imagine!

After you have transmitted your request,
click here to explore the ham radio information
contained in HamRadioSecrets.com

73 de VE2DPE
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Author: Claude Jollet - VE2DPE

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