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The ham radio forums here have a unique feature. No other amateur radio forum dedicates a "mini site" to each contributor where their articles are exclusively featured, along with the comments of their readers and followers!

Put your ham radio article in the path of more than 6000 visitors per month here. A "mini site" is automatically created for you when you post your first article!

  • Publish online your ham radio projects, experiences and stories that you want to share with others.

  • Ensure permanent visibility for your articles (unlike regular forums where your interventions are soon buried under those of others).

  • Illustrate your ham radio related articles with your photos and even YouTube videos, if you so desire!

  • Obtain full recognition for your contributed articles. You are given full credit, up front!

  • Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Tell your friends about your "mini site" and link back to your article(s). Invite them to comment!

Ham Radio Forums
Open To All Amateur Radio Related Topics

You can now give your article high and long lasting visibility! There is a dedicated forum for each popular topic on HamRadioSecrets.com

Whatever project, experience or ham radio story you feel like sharing with the many visitors of HamRadioSecrets.com

your article will be posted
on its own dedicated Web page on this site
for thousands to read, worldwide!
  • You can allow visitors to post comments (or not). If you do, their comments will appear under your article on your Web page.

  • You can comment back! Even add additional information.

  • You can post any number of articles. Each article you submit becomes a new Web page. Each article is credited to you.

  • Because a whole page is dedicated to your article, please make your article at least 400 words long. More is welcome!

  • All this at no charge. Yes. That means free! ;-)

It's like having your own mini-Web site
free of charge

Your article will be exposed to a strong flow of visitor traffic
focused on amateur radio
and seeking fresh (never before published) information
on ham radio topics.

Note: To ensure quality, all articles submitted are moderated. Only articles that abide by the rules will be published.

Again, the most important rule is that your article must not be copied from another source, either in whole or in part. In other words, your text must have never been published anywhere before! You can quote someone, of course, but the quoted text must be short (compared to the rest of your text) and you must indicate the source.

Ham Radio Forums - Topic Categories

Here are the categories (forums) under which you can publish the information you want to share with the many visitors of HamRadioSecrets.com

Choose (click to select) the ham radio topic you want your article to be published under. "Live" forums are displayed as links below.

Note: If you do not know in which of the ham radio forums above your article fits in, use the form below. You will be advised when and in which forum your article will have been published.

Don't know which topic to fit your article under?

Don't let that stop you from submitting it here. No worry! It will published under the most appropriate forum topic. If need be, we will create a new forum topic under which it will fit nicely and be readily accessible to all HamRadioSecrets.com visitors.

Enter The Title Of Your Article

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Upload 1-4 Pictures or Graphics (optional)[ ? ]

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To receive credit as the author, enter your information below.

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Submit Your Contribution

Check box to agree to these submission guidelines.

(You can preview and edit on the next page)

Please do not hesitate to ask for my help!
You can contact me here.

Rest Assured . . .

Do not shy away from submitting your article because you think you can't write well enough!

As we check for true article originality (a never published before article - by anyone, including you!) we also make every effort to correct any spelling or grammar errors that might have slipped in! ;-)

You might want to check your article yourself before sending it over. I recommend Grammar Slammer With Spelling Checker, by EnglishPlus.com.

We guarantee you will be proud of your article in your chosen ham radio forum here.

One Important Restriction
Of These Ham Radio Forums

Please note the emphasis on the word "your" in the text above. This means that you must be the author of the article. You can only submit articles that no one - including you - has ever published before, online or off. Nowhere else. Ever.

Why such a restriction? Google and other search engines "frown" upon plagiarism. They flatly ignore plagiarized articles. You would not want your article ignored and "unlisted" by Google, would you? Doing so would defeat the purpose of publishing your article on your own Web page here, would it not?

You will get the full recognition and exposure you deserve for your article here. That's our guarantee.

Articles contributed to ham radio forums
are posted on their own dedicated Web pages.
An exclusive feature of HamRadioSecrets.com

Author: Claude Jollet - VE2DPE

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