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This ham radio blog is not a "traditional" blog. What gets posted here is permanent in nature, rarely "time sensitive".

You will find here, in addition to amateur-radio-related news and events, posts about ham radio equipment such as: transceivers, receivers, antennas, software and more.

In other words, anything I find worthy of note about amateur radio.

Ham Radio - Amateur Radio Fascinating Secrets

Ham radio or amateur radio has fascinated generations. This Web site reveals the secrets behind its enduring popularity and usefulness.

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Book One PDF Is Free

Get the PDF version of "Amateur Radio HF Antennas - Book One". No charge!

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New e-Book Release

Amateur Radio HF Antennas - Book One is now available here.

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E-Books on HF Antennas

I have just released Book One. Available in all popular formats, including Kindle. Details soon.

HF Antenna Advice Requested

I need some advice on what kind of HF antenna to purchase. This is where I want to install my first HF all band antenna. Can someone recommend a good

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Ham Radio Beacons - A User Guide

Ham radio beacons are the ultimate tool of the DXer. Learn how to get in on the DX action before everyone else.

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Ham Radio Amplifiers - A Guide To Responsible And Considerate Use

Sometimes a situation will justify the use of high-power ham radio amplifiers. Here are some of the justifiable situations.

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Ham Radio Frequencies | From LF to SHF

Ham radio frequencies are generously allocated in bands that are scattered all over the radio spectrum. Details here.

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Linux Ham Radio Software Growing List

Linux ham radio software will delight the ham radio experimenters and operators alike. Linux Open Source software is free and you can even modify it!

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Ham Radio Software To Enhance The Experience

Ham radio software can considerably enhance operations and experimenting. Here is an overview of the many applications.

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This Ham Radio Blog
Is Yours Too!

For those of you who like to be able to intervene and share something of significance with the other ham radio enthusiasts who visit this Web site by the hundreds each day, there is a very unique way of doing that here!

See the instructions and entry form on this page.

A blog post and a Web page! Yes. You get double and permanent exposure to our hundreds of visitors daily! Free of charge, of course.

After your text has been approved the "nutshell" version of your text will be posted in this blog. It will consist of your title and a short description. Your complete text will be posted on its own permanent page on this Web site. Your blog post will have a live link to it.

All our readers who subscribe to our RSS feed will be instantly alerted of your post.

Make your intervention significant and it will be noticed! It will never get buried under hundreds of other posts. I guarantee it!

This Ham Radio Blog's

This ham radio blog plays an essential role in my "triple action" communication strategy.

This Web site is especially designed to assert itself among amateur radio related Web sites. (How? See the "Powered by..." at the bottom of each page).

This blog, on the other hand, is designed to offer an extra access to the Web site's content (through RSS feeds), thus augmenting its "visibility" on the Web.

Last, but not least, this blog also enables me to publish special timely posts containing my comments on amateur radio related news and events, as they happen.

In other words, I am using every available channel of communication, on the Web, to make my information accessible to the largest audience possible.

A Proven
Infopublishing Technique

This blog is part of a unique "infopublishing" process that I use to give widespread access to my website's content.

Why use both a Web site and a ham radio blog to reach essentially the same audience?

Why not? It works!

Like so many other things in this world, amateur radio is changing.

This blog's mission is to help you stay tuned to the frequency of exciting changes that are occurring in amateur radio!

73 de VE2DPE
Claude Jollet
7, Rue de la Rive, Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Québec, Canada J6E 1M9

QTH Locator: FN36gb

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