Ham Radio Antennas

Ham radio antennas - high performance yagi type.

All ham radio antennas are compromises. Here is how to choose the set of compromises that will best fit your particular situation.

Virtually all ham radio operators use the same antenna for both receiving and transmitting on a given amateur radio band. That is a compromise in itself.

The high performance yagi type antenna in the picture is one of the best set of compromises available for a multi-band operation on HF.

The greater the number of frequency bands you want to work with the same antenna system, the greater the number of compromises you will have to live with.

But few of us have the space or the money to have individual antennas for each band!

The Ham Radio Setup To Avoid

Here is a common example of the worst possible setup, all too often encountered on the HF bands.

Avoid being...

The amateur radio operator calling "CQ" with maximum legal power using a multi-band trap dipole or, worse, a trap vertical!

That operator will often not "hear" the hams answering his calls!


Because of the poor receiving efficiency of such ham antennas even if, when installed properly, they may be effective radiators!

Under full legal transmitting power, the signal can be detected so far away that the antenna cannot detect the signal of the DX (far distant) station responding to the call!

The Ideal Ham Radio Setup

There are ways to avoid unbalanced operating conditions such as described above.

  1. Reduce transmitting power to correspond with the receiving capabilities of the amateur radio antenna you are using.

  2. Use a separate, high performance receiving antenna.

  3. Or, use a beam type directional antenna, on your ham radio tower, for both transmitting and receiving (as in the picture at the beginning).

You can even design your own "dream antenna" using a antenna design program and build your next homemade ham radio antenna.

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