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In spite of the above headline, this antenna software suite is very capable.

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Quad Design

The "Sky Hopper"

The "OmniQuad"

The "Captor" Utility

It is just that, compared to EZNEC, 4NEC2 and the likes ... any one of VE3SQB's programs is so darn easy to use! :-)

In addition, his software installs without messing with Windows' registry ... which means you can delete the executable files just like any other file. Nice touch!

VE3SQB is to be complimented for his work and for caring for the "non-initiated".

Last time I had a look at his collection of programs on his site, I counted 24 executables!

I only cover a small selection of his
useful antenna software (below) ...
enough to whet your appetite, I think!

Antenna Software
For Quads Etc.

Al Legary - VE3SQB - admits that he is a "quad" man.

Having had a GEM Quad (HF 20-15-10m) for a few years, back in the early 80's, I can testify to the quad's slight advantages over a tri-bander Yagi with the same number of elements.

My experience has been that a well designed, 3-element tri-band quad has...

  • Noticeably broader bandwidth response below a 2:1 SWR than a Yagi.
  • Better performance in QSB and marginal conditions than the Yagi.
  • Overall better on receive than a tri-bander Yagi with traps. Certainly much quieter! (Picks up much less QRN).

Al has more to say about "Why Quads"? at the following URL.
( )

Quad Design V3

Quad antenna software by VE3SQB.

Using Version 3 of his quad design program is very straightforward.

You just set the frequency for which you want to design a quad, indicate the number of elements, the wire size, and choose the type of gain you want.

Then, hit the "Calculate" button. Presto! All dimensions appear in the table on the right hand side.

As with most of his programs, you can choose between English (feet, inches) and metric measurements.

A graph (bottom right) shows a SWR curve within the "working" frequency range of the quad.

Like I said. Pretty straightforward antenna software.

The "Sky Hopper"

Sky Hopper antenna software by VE3SQB.

Al named this antenna "Sky Hopper" because it resembled a grasshopper!

The antenna is essentially a quad with the bottom removed, leaving "U" shaped elements.

Al recommends this antenna for beginners, as it is very "forgiving" to small departures from the dimensions given by the program.

Maximum radiation from the "Sky Hopper" is off the corner opposite the feed.


OmniQuad antenna software by VE3SQB.

The "OmniQuad" is omnidirectional. It is very broadband and dimensions are not critical at all, even at VHF and UHF frequencies!

A "fun" design to experiment with.

Capacitor Designer

Extremely useful utility program for the experimenter because capacitors suitable for the high voltages present in antenna systems and antenna tuners are hard to find ... and very expensive when you do find any! :-(

So now you can make your own!

Neat, huh!

You will find VE3SQB's entire collection of useful antenna software here.

73 de VE2DPE
Claude Jollet
7, Rue de la Rive, Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Québec, Canada J6E 1M9

QTH Locator: FN36gb

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