Ham Radio Cartoons
Of Common Situations

I created small collection of ham radio cartoons because a significant number of you wrote to say that you had trouble finding good ones.

I hope most of the following cartoons will make you smile ;-) Some of them could make you ... think.

All illustrations below are from iStockPhoto.com .

Ham radio cartoons. Aspiring ham taking test. Aspiring amateur radio operator taking the written test to get his license.

Brings back memories for many of us :-)
Ham radio cartoons. Amateur radio op in action. Let's be honest! We all love to tweak knobs! ;-)

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a needle swing across an amber backlit analog dial.

The more complicated the radio appears, the more satisfaction we derive out of making the "rig" work as intended. Right? Right! ;-)

Ham radio cartoons. A light snack after chasing DX. A light snack is in order after a long night chasing DX.
Ham radio cartoons. Plumber's delight. "Plumber's delight" version of a fractal antenna for HF.
Ham radio cartoons. Linear-loaded antenna prototype. Amateur radio enthusiast proudly demonstrating his latest linear-loaded antenna prototype.
Ham radio cartoons. Archer. Rare illustration of the first man who perfected the technique for lobbing a string over a tree.

Ham radio operators are deeply indebted to him for his technological innovation ;-)
Ham radio cartoons. Ham practicing shots before installing antenna. Ham operator illustrating a variation of the technique.

He is taking a few practice shots before attempting to lob a rope over a tree to install his dipole.
Ham radio cartoons. Falling off the ham tower. Hams can't fly!

Should have put on a safety harness before climbing that tower of yours!
Ham radio cartoons. Hamlib and SDR programmer. Amateur radio operator, turned computer programmer, hard at work on the next generation of ham radio software defined radio.
Ham radio cartoons. Ham radio club meeting without quorum. Ham radio club meeting ... looks like will not reach quorum again this month!
Ham radio cartoons. Ham radio operator caught shopping for his next SDR rig on the Web. Amateur radio operator caught shopping for his next SDR rig on the Web while at "work"!
Ham radio cartoons. Ham experimenting with new mode. Amateur radio operator in 2020 experimenting with new mode of telecommunication or teleportation ... whichever works first! ;-)
Ham radio cartoons. Government inspector at work. Government inspector finds you responsible for the RFI that your neighbors have been complaining about.

Now you know you should have spent a few extra dollars on a low pass filter.

(P.S. No ham radio cartoons would be complete without this "sobering" reminder ;-)
Ham radio cartoons. Raising funds for your next rig. Raising funds for that new SDR transceiver you've been dreaming of.
Ham radio cartoons. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod. Benjamin Franklin saved many ham radio operator lives by inventing the lightning rod.
Ham radio cartoons. Forgot to ground equipment properly. Oops! Forgot to ground all pieces of equipment to one common ground!
Ham radio cartoons. Risk after club meeting. "This is the last time you're coming home late from your ham radio club meeting"!
Ham radio cartoons. Ham gone QRT. Amateur radio op gone QRT.

"It's been a lot of fun and worth every moment"!

(P.S. His club meet had finally reached quorum that night!)

That's it. Hope you enjoyed these ham radio cartoons. I know I enjoyed finding them and writing the captions for them. ;-)

73 de VE2DPE

P.S. Want to know what motivates the cartoonist? I reveal the motives here.

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Author: Claude Jollet - VE2DPE

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