Ham Radio Freeware

Finding ham radio freeware is a very time consuming and often frustrating task.

Sources of reliable, regularly updated information on ham radio software are becoming rarer each year. The reasons for this phenomenon are many. The main ones are

  • Keeping track of still valid links to freeware is a time consuming task that many Web site owners cannot afford! You see, there is no money to be made with freeware.

  • Most freeware programs were developed for Windows XP. However Microsoft has announced that it will stop supporting XP in early 2011!

In spite of it all, there are ways to get around these problems! ;-)

A Brief Review Of Resources

Here is a review of what I consider potentially useful sources of information on ham software, where you might find the freeware you are looking for.

QRZ.COM announced on October 21, 2008 that it was discontinuing the update and maintenance of its amateur radio shareware section.

One good one ... down for the count! :-(

My Favorite Source Of Links
On Ham Radio Software

My favorite directory of ham radio software (for now) is
The DXZone Ham Radio Software section.

I'm not saying that their directory does not contain dead links. Ham radio is a dynamic world. Some resources disappear. New ones appear. Happens all the time. One attempts to keep up. Such is life! ;-)

It's actually remarkable that the DXZone Software Catalog has so few dead links! If you do find one, please tell the Webmaster.

My Favorite DXZone Categories

One of my favorite haunts is the Software Defined Radio category. I visit it regularly to see what's new in the brave new world of Ham SDR.

After all. SDR is what ham radio transceivers and receivers are morphing into! SDR heralds the next era of ham radio.

I confess that I'm also addicted to the Antenna Analysis section where I can usually find the ham radio freeware I'm looking for. What can I tell you? I also like to tinker with homemade antennas.

Searching Wider Horizons

You can also do a specific search on Google™ for " ham radio freeware " or " ham radio free software ".

By drilling down in the preliminary results of your search - adding a more specific keyword to your first keyword phrase - you have a good chance of finding the software you want ... if it's there!

For more on the technique of doing a specific search, see this other page on my Web site.

73 de VE2DPE

P.S. If ham radio Web sites were built with the appropriate infrastructure and according to the latest Web publishing best practices, we would not have so much trouble finding the ham radio software we want!

For more how to search for ham radio freeware
Click Here

Author: Claude Jollet - VE2DPE

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