PSK31 Software On Linux

Robust and reliable PSK31 operation is made possible with a Linux application named twpsk.

twpsk is a soundcard-based X-window program. I have it running on my Ubuntu 9.10 Linux laptop in the shack.

Peter Martinez, G3PLX, invented this new "RTTY-like" digital mode to improve communications under crowded HF digital sub-band conditions.

The Linux application twpsk implements...

  • the very narrow bandwidth (31.25 Hz which is narrower than the average CW signal!)

  • and weak signal performance...

... that Peter intended for improved ham radio communications.

The Linux Software Main Control Panel

PSK31 - main panel of Linux software -twpsk-.

The Linux Software Introduction

The twpsk help is very detailed and well structured. For best results, I recommend that you read through it all at least once before you use the software.

PSK31 introduction to Linux software -twpsk-.

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